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NXIT (Next IT) MATRIX helps organizations convert their IT departments into a revenue/profit center by integrating them into our conglomerate.



Companies spend around 4.1% to 25% of their total revenue or sales on information technology. As such, the high cost of running the IT department reduces any company's profit margins.

With a crowd-sourcing model, the NXIT (Next IT) MATRIX aims to transform IT departments into revenue-generating businesses.

By joining NXIT's partner network, affiliate organizations can generate new revenue streams using a profit-sharing model. They can take advantage of economies of scale. They will have access to state-of-the-art management tools and disruptive technologies. And top-notch management team and board will oversee the joint venture (between NXIT and the affiliate companies).
Now more than ever, IT departments will not just be catalysts of growth and transformation -- but also revenue-generators. NXIT MATRIX is open to all companies' IT organizations and IT service providers.  

IT Spending as a percentage of the total company's revenue is a measure to benchmark IT costs across different industries. Depending on the sector, this percentage can go up to 25%. The weighted average across all industries is 8.2%. Bottom line, the high cost of running the IT department reduces any company's profit.


By joining NXIT, the your IT department will be a part of a global conglomerate of technology companies. NXIT’s goal is to deliver you the best IT services at the cheapest possible cost. Our profit comes from what we save your company. Then, we will split the savings equally.

NXIT guarantees:
 To run CEMEX’s IT Business with the best and the brightest management and IT teams.

 Access to state-of-the-art management and technology toolsets.

 Use of continuous improvement methodologies (such as Lean Six Sigma and Agile Project Management) to improve your business processes.

 Bring Digital Transformation as a Service to help you thrive in today’s digital economy.
NXIT’s Mission

We want to guarantee your profit to guarantee our profit.

NXIT will benchmark your IT spending against other companies in the building materials industry. We will evaluate the opportunities, then provide you a strategy roadmap to optimize its cost.

 Typically, the most significant IT expenditure is staffing. We will start with that -- applying a shared workforce pool strategy.

 Once we agree on costs, strategies, and priorities -- we will formalize the integration of your IT department into the NXIT Conglomerate.

 Finally, whatever we save and optimize from the joint venture, we will split it based on a 50/50 profit-sharing model.


What else can you get by joining?


Using a price-matching scheme, NXIT will guarantee the best price for any IT needs -- taking advantage of economies of scale and volume discounts.

 We leverage our size to get volume discounts from our technology partners like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, HP, Dell, and Cisco. We offer up to 50% discount to all affiliate members.

 We use our global sourcing network to get the best and cheapest IT services so that members can enjoy up 40% discount on:
• Datacenter services from ATS, NAP, and KIO network.
• Cloud services from Azure, Amazon, and Google.
• Unified Telecommunication services from AT&T, Verizon, Vodaphone, Telefonica, and Sprint.

 Save up to 70% on NXIT expert IT staff and management pool. Typically, IT staffing cost is where you can get the maximum savings and benefit by joining NXIT -- as this the most significant controllable IT expense.

2. IT Services Optimization

NXIT guarantees to optimize your IT services. We offer world-class IT Management platforms and tools at our members disposal such as:

 24x7 monitoring of all business-critical system to guarantee 99.99% uptime using AI-based IT Operations toolsets.
 Expert Helpdesk escalations with certified Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and Amazon Cloud engineers.
 Cross-platform developers on different programming languages such as Python, R, Angular, Ruby, PhP, Javascript, Scala, and C.
 Cyber security experts leveraging Artificial Intelligence.
 Analytic Tools (Power Bi, Tableu, and Alteryx).
 Robotics Process Automation (Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and BluePrism).
 Artificial Intelligence (computer vision, natural language processing, and sentiments analysis).
 Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) for mining and manufacturing.
 Mobile ubiquity solutions to support remote working.

3. Process Improvement Tools

We bring state-of-the-art IT process management tools and methods such as:

 Design thinking methods to improve product development.
 Agile project management to fast-track time to market of products and services.
 Continuous improvement methodology using Lean 6 Sigma.
 Expert vendor negotiation methods to guarantee the best price, service levels, and extended payment terms.
 Industry benchmarks to analyze your IT cost performance against its peers in the building materials industry.

4. Technology Obsolescence Protection

At NXIT, we don’t implement technology just for the sake of technology -- but to solve a business problem. We offer DTaaS (Digital Transformation as a Service) solutions:

 Industry 4.0 solutions to automate supply chain, maintenance, and manufacturing processes.
 Use of Robotics Process automation to improve the back-office workflows, transactional accounting, and payroll.
 Application of Blockchain technology to lower financial transaction fees and speed-up processing.  
5. Top Caliber IT Team

In IT, cheap resources become more expensive in the end. At NXIT, we ensure that we hire the best, train them consistently, and promote them. We boast about our HTTP (Hire Top Talents Principle). We will do the same when the CEMEX IT department becomes part of the NXIT Matrix Conglomerate. We offer the following guarantees:

 Train all NXIT affiliate team members on the latest technologies and management methodologies.

 Any NXIT team members can move around the entire conglomerate so that they don’t get bored and keep them engaged.

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