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Urban Farming-Fight Crime Chain by: Keenan Malloy

The Problem UFCF is trying to solve:

Crime oftentimes is simply a symptom and a result of a lack of financial means, opportunity, & occupation. UFCF aims to fight crime at its root cause -- by fighting poverty through urban farming.

How UFCF intends to help reduce crime rates?

- By anonymous whistleblowing using blockchain, whistleblowers can remain anonymous when reporting crimes and will not have to fear retaliation. They get incentivized directly in their digital wallet with cryptocurrency by doing so.

- Reputation rebuilding for ex-convicts, to give them a chance to redeem themselves and not go back to their old ways.

- Incentivize communities by lowering their crime rate.

What is UFCF Chain’s proposed solution?

- Establish decentralized Urban farms to keep kids away from crime, give them something to be busy about, and a source of food to put on their tables.

- Build an app where citizens can anonymously report and help solve crimes; in return they can be incentivized with cryptocurrency directly to their wallets.

- Build Community Reputation by doing good and serving the community.

- Gamify and incentivize crime rate reduction among different communities.

How will it be implemented?

By partnering with local governments and law enforcement authorities.

Who will fund it and why?

Local governments and crowd-funding.

Are there restrictions in implementing it?

- Local authorities buy-in.

- Onboarding of community members.

What type of help do you need?

Local government buy-in, crowdfunding, community development, building the app, and PR/media.

What are the success criteria for your project?

Building pilot Urban farms and the UFCF Chain app.

Lower crime rates in communities.

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