UpCyclers DAO of Green Delta by: Promise Ikem-Nwosu

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization focused on upcylcing.

The Problem:

Among the many ecological problems humanity is currently facing, plastic pollution is one of the top concerns as most plastic wastes end-up in the oceans. As the oceans get more polluted, marine lives are damaged affecting the healthy ecological balance of the Earth.

How can UpCyclers DAO help in long-term ecological sustainability?

By acting and taking the challenge in the hands of the community, UpCycler's DAO intends to initiate plastic clean-up activities and upcycle them. In return, we will incentivize our community members with our utility coin UPCL.

What is UpCyclers DAO’s proposed solution?

UpCyclers DAO intends to fight in eradicating any possible plastics around the globle, but piloting in the province of Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State in Nigeria. It is a good way of beginning the fight, by thinking global and acting local

How will it be implemented?

UpCyclers DAO's solution is to go around the coastal waters of this region to pick and recycle/upcycle these plastics. We also intend to do some Environmental and Climate Awareness and inculcate into the coastal communities of this region, the habit of periodically cleaning its shores.

Who will fund it and why? – environmental agencies, advocates of ecology, and crowd-funding.

Are there restrictions in implementing it? – community and government support.

What type of help do you need? – community support, information dissemination/public awareness campaigns, access to recycling machines, fund-raising, coastal clean-ups, and technical support in building the website and the blockchain platform.

What are the success criteria for your project?

- Build the Upclycler’s DAO platform to incentivize the community of recyclers and upclyers.

- Pilot plastic clean-up activities in Warri and upclycing them as additives for the composite building material of Plastiment that can be used to build houses, shelters, pavements and other structures.

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