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Total Information Protection (TIP) Security Ecosystem - an End-to-end Approach to Cyber Protection

Updated: May 17, 2019

Not so long ago, in a not so far away land, I held a position as Chief Information Security Officer. During my stint as CISO, I had the opportunity to bring the ISO27001 consciousness to the company, built around a concept I called TIP or (Total Information Protection) Security Ecosystem. My vision was to integrate and inter operate different security hardware, software, and platforms, administered by a central policy orchestrator. I believe that this approach can simplify the administration, control, and audit process, through a standard and coherent information security policy setting that is pushed and managed through a centralized console.

In our quest for the holy grail for an inter-connected information security platform, I found McAfee as the closest match to this vision. The journey started by standardizing the antivirus platform in 7 weeks to twenty seven thousand hosts worldwide, followed by implementing enterprise firewalls, then anti spam, content filtering, DLP (data leak/loss prevention) and even SIEM (Security Information Event and Monitoring).

Please follow this link, for the interview I had with Mcafee related to this topic:

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