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Top 10 tech companies making the new world go round

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

The following top tech companies will remain leaders in their field or their new chosen ones, bringing more disruptive and life-changing technologies in the market. Partly because of their role and commitment to the society to bring radical solutions to meet the new world’s existential challenges and to be of better service to humanity.

1. Apple

Net worth: $741.8 billion. Apple is changing the world by providing luxury phones, Mac computers, tablets, smart watches, and other tech gadgets at home and is becoming a mainstream business tool as well. Apple will remain “The king high-end tech gadgets”. It continues to bring intuitive solutions to sophisticated technologies.

2. Google/Alphabet

Net worth: $367.6 billion. In October 2015, Google restructured the company so that Alphabet, Inc. becomes its mother company. Google’s legendary search engine earns money through publicity. Knowing what people search on the web is a powerful analytical tool. Understanding what people wants can pave the way to new product development. Google will remain “The king of digital marketing and information mining”.

3. Microsoft

Net worth: $340.8 billion. MS is still the king of operating system and office productivity tools. The new suite of MS products interlock and guarantee market share where MS wants to play. MS will stay as the “The King of office and business productivity systems”.

4. Facebook

Net worth: $231.6 billion. Facebook, is still the preferred channel to interconnect with friends and relatives in this digital era with more than 1 billion users worldwide. With this vast following, admit it or not, Facebook can also mine information critical for forensics and criminal justice. FB will still be the “The king of digital relationships & forensics”.

5. Samsung

Net worth: $199.4.6 billion. From phones, smart and not so smart TV’s, appliances, PC’s, and a long list of product lines, Samsung’s mission to be the key market player in the IoT (Internet of Things) rat race is sealed and has the right to be, “The king of IoT”.

6. Oracle

Net worth: $187.6 billion. While Microsoft is a close second on the database arena, Oracle is still king, mostly in the enterprise setting. Oracle is still the “Database King”. It will just be a matter of time when they start bringing this core competence in the area of Big Data.

7. Tencent

Net worth: $181.1 billion. Tencent Holdings Limited (OTC: TCEHY) is an Internet service portal that was founded in China in 1998. Tencent owns and operates popular online platforms including email service QQ, messaging service WeChat, search engine Soso, auction site PaiPai and online payment provider Tenpay. With China’s dominance in the new economy, watch out for “The King of the Eastern Tech Empire”.

8. Intel

Net worth: $147.2 billion. Remains the, “King of the PC”. The new Intel optane chips already have the capacity to learn (paving the way to machine learning) and embedding security at chip level will soon become the mainstream.

9. Cisco Systems

Net worth: $139 billion. Although there are a lot of tough contenders out there, Cisco remains “The King of the Network”. Building a more connected world has always been Cisco’s core value after all.

10. IBM

Net worth: $160.2 billion. After Deep Blue beats Kasparov, IBM’s mission is to be, “The King of the Cognitive world” and has been a key to their corporate reinvention. Watson analytics platform is poised to build more analytical robots, helping human in its quest to solve bigger life problems such as gnome researches, predictive & prescriptive analytics, accurate economic forecasting, etc.

These companies are evolving themselves not only to maintain their market leadership, but for more altruistic and humanitarian purposes. This will make them thrive in this new world digital economy moving forward.

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