Self-sovereign Health ID Coin by: Isabel Fortu

The Problem HID Coin's is trying to solve:

As a patient, Healthcare ID will solve the inconvenience of having to repeat their health medical history, insurance information, medications, etc. every time they go to different healthcare providers, hospitals, and pharmacies.

How will HID Coin solve this problem?

Using a combination of NFC/QR code, HID Physical Coin will be encoded with all the patients’ immutable historical medical records. Healthcare professionals can simply tap/scan the HID Coin to get information of their patients and update the information on-chain as needed.

What is HID Coin proposed solution?

- For a healthcare provider, facility or hospital, HID Coin reduces the amount of manpower needed to manually enter health information into their system, saving cost and time.

- It also reduces the amount of time a patient needs to wait to be seen at an outpatient facility like clinics, radiology department, and other areas.

- Insurance companies can interact with the patient via this coin on insurance coverages and claims.

- Pharmacy integration on refilling prescriptions will be a breeze.

How will it be implemented?

By partnering with private and public health/government medical agencies.

Who will fund it and why?

Funding from various departments of health/government medical agencies and crowd-funding.

Are there restrictions in implementing it?

Medical/Healthcare privacy laws.

What type of help do you need?

Private/public hospitals/clinics/pharmacies/Department of Heath buy-ins, crowdfunding, community development, building the app, platform, and PR/media exposure.

What are the success criteria for your project?

- Pilot implementation of HID Coin.

- Massive deployment of this coin that can be personalized to provide control of public health care information.

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