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MetaForest Atlanta by: Carlos Pino


Global warming & climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge that humanity will face in the next few decades. While there are a lot decarbonization programs and protocols available, they are mostly bureaucratic, cumbersome, and not foolproof.

How can MetaForest Atlanta help in Decarbonizing the world?

Using MetaForest's proposed DCAR (Decentralized Crowd Afforestation & Reforestation) Protocol, we want to reforest >2,043 acres of land to plant pine trees, fruit trees, and spices. An acre of mature trees can capture 2.6 tonnes of CO2 per year, therefore our goal is to sequester ~5,312 tonnes of CO2 per year.

What is MetaForest Atlanta’s proposed solution?

How will it be implemented?

An existing parcel of >2K acres of freshly planted pine trees will be used as a pilot, followed by another parcel of 43 acres. Once the trees are > 6 ft tall, they will be tagged with the Metagen NFC Smart Seal and each will be minted as a MetaNFTree (serving as a deed of title of the carbon credit that each tree represents).

Who will fund it and why? – a group of investors.

Are there restrictions in implementing it? – acceptance of the MetaForest DCAR protocol for carbon offset, access buyers of voluntary carbon offset.

What type of help do you need? – building the team, purchasing the next 43 acres of land, selecting of the trees to be planted, and access to potential buyers of the voluntary carbon offset.

What are the success criteria for your project?

- Establishing the core team.

- Raising funds for the purchase and maintenance of the MetaForest.

- Purchasing of additional lands.

- Creating a better tomorrow for the world we live in.

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