Ekotecture DAO by: Jill Karlin

Updated: Aug 7

Ekotecture DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that helps communities to live safely, comfortably, and cheaply despite the rising temperatures brought about by global warming & climate change.


By building a community that will push the use of Ekotecture, a functional integration of architecture, utility engineering, and agriculture. It uses the forces of nature (such as gravity, geothermal, and solar energy) within a building-neighborhood beehive cluster design; eliminating mechanical systems, fuel consumption, maintenance, pollution and human labor.

What is Ekotecture’s proposed solution?

Using Ekotecture's EKO-ark design, a lighting-gas-water management ecosystem with an embedded food production hydroponic system.

How will it be implemented?

Build a PoC (Proof of Concept) at Madison Indiana and Brazoria Texas as an AirBnB rental home.

Who will fund it and why?

Potential municipal funding, grants, and crowdfunding. Community members can enjoy discounted green-building materials, tax rebates, and incentives from upclycing/recycling activities.

Are there restrictions in implementing it?

Local-government buy-ins, building codes on house design stereotypes, societal acceptance, and recognizing the need to address global warming and climate change today.

What type of help do you need?

Community development, crowdfunding, and PR/media exposure.

What are the success criteria for your project?

Operating an AirBnB for the pilot projects in Madison Indiana and Brazoria Texas.

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