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E-VOTE CHAIN by: Josue Cespedes

A Blockchain-based voting protocol

The Problem E-VOTE is Solving:

Current voting systems are inefficient, cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive. They waste resources like paper, labor-hours, travel & lodging expenses, etc. The security of the entire process is also vulnerable as it is very manual; using paper & a lot of people in the middle.

How can E-Vote Chain solve this problem?

Using a blockchain-based voting, every citizen or any entity member will have an NFT token that provides a self-sovereign ID for voting. Using this tokenized E-Voting ID, voting will be easier and faster. The Blockchain-based voting transaction can tally the votes faster, securely, immutably, and transparently. It can also help the economy & the environment, as money traditionally spent on elections (typically wasting a lot of paper, water, electricity, and human capital) can be diverted to environmental, sustainability, or decarbonization projects.

What is E-Vote Chain’s proposed solution?

Do a PoC (Proof of Concept) in some Universities in Costa Rica, by partnering with University’s Student Associations & IT departments.

Who will fund it and why?

The different student bodies in target pilot universities in Costa Rica initially.

Are there restrictions in implementing it?

Security concerns. The application must be 100 % secured, with no gaps. There’s a reason why this system has not been implemented yet -- that is trust and immutability concerns.

What type of help do you need?

Security is key to the success of this project. We need blockchain security expert and a blockchain developer to build the app.

What are the success criteria for your project?

• Once E-vote Chain is accepted by the universities, that would be the first successful step.

Eventually, once the system is used and tested on a larger scale, beyond the university walls, it needs to pass rigid security tests and certifications by 3rd party auditors and white-hat hackers before going mainstream.

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