CX GO: A Quantum Leap in Building the Future in Constructing the New Digital Era

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

CEMEX's new mobile and IoT platform - CX GO, is leading the pack of heavy materials and construction industry giants in the new era of digital revolution.

With the customers in mind, improving traditional transaction processes experience, and eliminating procedural wastes, CEMEX built a new digital ecosystem and platforms where customers can transact with very minor human interactions. Thereby making ordering, tracking of products, paying, and other key front-end and back-end processes seamless and less painstaking.

Building the future with digital...

"With the CEMEX app we are putting the power of the expansive ready-mix network in the palm of our customer's hands..."

As Cemex revolutionizes and reinvents itself as a pioneer in its class in digitalization, the million dollar question is: ”Will it monetize its app and technology to be the next Uber or Netflix in the heavy materials and construction industry?” After all, when technology is the business, the business is technology.

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