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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Crowdsourcing blockchain startups with humanitarian ideals.



Traditional organizations have severe flaws and aren’t future-proof. Soon, DAOs (or Decentralized and Autonomous Organizations) will displace most of them. As DAOs radically change future organizations, they will define how humans cooperate with codes, bots, and AI in the blockchain world.

But, most DAOs of today focus solely on profiteering and extrinsic economic rewards; this is where DACs (Decentralized and Autonomous Communities) branch out. DACs are the next-generation DAOs. Like DAOs, DACs live in the virtual blockchain realm — where a symbiotic relationship between humans and codes exists. The main difference is that — they work together to bring positive social impact. As a subset of DAO, a DAC is an entity without any central point of control, with a specific goal, a governance model, but primarily motivated in spreading good to the world.

Braincubation aims to be a pioneer in the DAC space to serve as a building block for innovative blockchain ideas to grow and thrive. It is a community-powered incubator of blockchain startups that aims to bring positive social impact and humanitarian ideals. It is engineered for the blockchain community, by the blockchain community, and of the blockchain community. Think of it as a launchpad for blockchain startups, virtual corporations, cooperatives, and new world communities — where creative human ideas are cross-pollinated with codes and Artificial Intelligence for fair governance.

Braincubation DAC intends to cut across all existing social barriers — like organizational hierarchies, races, colors, religions, beliefs, age, social and economic status, and other known impediments of progress, collective cooperation, and inclusion. It will act as an autonomous agent between blockchain startup founders, venture capitalists, developers, and social media influencers.

In the end, Braincubation intends to create a movement to evolve current social orders through blockchain technology. It aims to help in creating new democratic world societies of humans and AI’s within the blockchain realm. The only two ingredients you need — are a great blockchain idea and unwavering community support.


Braincubation DAC (final)
Download PDF • 1.80MB



ETH Address: 0x041F724f67b9ab2341b41667c8b7965D85601E25


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