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AIoT Metaversity -- Free Technology Education for the Less Fortunate

In today’s world, a degree is becoming less and less important as most organizations seek individuals who can demonstrate real-life skills, expertise, and knowledge — and people who can perform a job effectively versus a diploma from an Ivy League school. Nowadays, in more prominent tech companies, your aptitude test is usually a coding (programming) exam to solve a given problem. At AIoT Metaversity, we train you to acquire real-life mastery of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Web 3.0 development, Metaverse technologies (such as AR, VR, XR, and MR), including games development. We want to easily demonstrate by deed and not just by the concept. We partner with top educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to provide you with the state-of-the-art courseware that you’ll need to hone your mastery of AI, IoT, W3, and the Metaverse (including games development). AIoT Metaversity is backed-up by AIoT Meta Coin, the blockchain that aims to bridge the physical and the digital.

Why AI, IoT, W3, and the Metaverse?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, the world is becoming ever more intelligent and ever more interconnected. We now have intelligent machines that can talk, see, hear, and think unprecedentedly, which are evolving and updating themselves constantly. Topics such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision through an Artificial Neural Network are critical success factors to hone your mastery of AI. These intelligent machines, robots, and devices are now ever-present at our workplace and home. Who doesn’t have Alexa, Google, Cortana, Siri, and Bixby in their lives? Industry 4.0, self-driving cars, telemetry, remote sensing, and a vast array of IoT implementations are essential topics to understand the design, architecture, and roadmap of the connected world into the future. With over 30 billion connected devices over the internet, mastery of connecting, managing, and protecting these devices and our data privacy has become more critical than ever. At AIoT Metavesity, we overlay our courses with Cybersecurity as we feel that this is critical and essential towards our journey in securing our interconnected-intelligent-digital world. And what else offers the best security than cipher technology itself — blockchain. With blockchain, we can guarantee the immutability of the transactions over Web 3 and vast blockchain projects helping decentralize traditional systems, processes, and organizations. We deliver and provide all our free courses virtually through the Metaverse — anything from regular smartphones, tablets, computers, VR and AR glasses can access our platform anywhere and anytime.

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